Legend has it that the Queen of Sheba won the heart of King Solomon “with camels bearing spices”, because this smart cookie knew that her gift not only added new flavors to the Royal Palace,  but were also the medicines of the ancient world r. In this class I’ll wow you with

a rich range of spices: and you’ll learn how to turn simple dishes into gourmet treats, how to add fragrance and flavor to your foods, and how to use herbs and spices to enhance your health.

Pricing and Payment

Payment must be made in full 7 days in advance of the scheduled workshop, through banktransfer/Bit/Pay Box- Best method for foreigners??Once a date is chosen and the payment is made, no cancellations are possible because of the preparations necessary for each workshop. Thank you for your understanding!

Pricing (payable in Israeli NIS or foreign currency according to current exchange rate)

One-on-one Cook Along Class- 450 NIS

Cook Along Class for 2-3 participants- 350 NIS per person

Cook Along class for 4-5 participants- 250 NIS per person

Demonstration Class for groups- 150 NIS per participant.